Dear Sir,


I have read with utter dismay and high irritation the article published in Vanguard on “THE HPOCRISY OF YESTERDAY’S MEN” and I can say that the article portrays sheer desperation on your path to save your job and stay in competition with Okupe who is notorious for writing such dirty articles. Sir, of recent you are a perfect example of the scripture that says “Your glory, O Israel (Abati), lies slain on your heights; How the mighty have fallen!!!”  You have indeed fallen from grace to grass just for filthy lucre and to be amongst TODAY’S men…

Sir your piece was bereft of common sense as it is a calculated attack on the person of El-rufai and Ezekwesili who are both people of integrity even though I would agree with you that there are some people who are frustrated just because they are no longer in power but definitely not these two whom your article is aimed at attacking.

Now Sir let’s get down to the topic, I think you don’t really know how to spot hypocritical people but now I have volunteered to give you 11 minor tips on how to know them.

Hypocrisy is when,

  1. Today’s men ignore a whopping $67b question and debate to take on a full page advertorial on newspapers just to convince us that the question is from yesterday’s men and as such should not be taken seriously.
  2. Today’s men write a book “MY FRIENDS AND I” before elections based on feedback from social media and barely a year after instead of writing part 2 of that book based on the latest reactions and feedback from those friends turn back to pages of newspaper to describe those friends as collective children of anger.
  3. Today’s men go on CNN live to lie about the power and security situation in Nigeria even when the interviewer and the whole world is aware of the true situation of things.
  4. Today’s men illegally remove a sitting president of the court of appeal even when there is a case in court over the weekend and refuse to return him to office just for the basic fact that the disgruntled men of their party have a case against the honest man for upturning their fraudulent elections but kudos to you guys, you succeeded in killing the judiciary.
  5. Today’s men lie on the pages of newspaper like you did about airports and aviation sector that we all use and see. Today’s men even restored license of Dana air when the families of the victims are still in tears over the carelessness of the airline.
  6. Today’s men legalize corruption in full scale by throwing the Ribadu report in the dustbin and then send Okupe to describe it as a lazy job.
  7. Today’s men wine and dine with militants and give them huge contracts just because they are from the same region and in the same vein pass a life sentence on another man who is not even a militant but is alleged to be aware of militant activities.
  8. Today’s men eat 3million naira in a day when the average Nigerian “LIVES” on less than a dollar per day. How cruel can Today’s men be???
  9. Today’s men want an average Nigerian to pay N150/litre for PMS in the name of subsidy removal when we are one of the largest producers of oil in the world.
  10. Today’s men who claim to be leaders on the giant of Africa cannot even show the AFCON to citizens on National TV and thus allowing a parody account of a footballer in CIV describe us as the Soil of Africa that they walk on. Today’s men have embarrassed us soo bad.
  11. Today’s men who yesterday criticized all negative policies from government have a chance of joining government, sell their conscience and  come to the social media, newspaper pages, and TV stations to defend clueless ideas, wicked policies and non-existent project of their principal in the villa.

Sir I’m sure you now have a clearer idea of what hypocrisy is. Please Sir, ignore my criticism and unfair choice of words and take on the points in this letter and advice your boss accordingly that like Obasanjo worked with smart minds except that he was a stubborn man and ignored some of their intelligent counsels he should also work with such smart minds and throw away his current cabinet filled with gluttony minds who think of only their bellies.

Thank you for your time sir… Tell the President that I said he should make haste as the clock is ticking fast…There is vacancy in Aso rock even before 2015…. I hear drums of revolution and I don’t know if Today’s men hear same…


An Extremely Angry Nigerian Youth

I am @naijarevolts on twitter



  1. Femi says:

    Nice piece ,but that Ivorien player has dissociated himself 4rm that twitter acct.say its a fake acct

  2. When the poor are too hungry to think, the fattened rich will serve as meat on our plates of blood and stone…. Let he who has ears…….

  3. oscarpoems says:

    A good way to reply someone whose belly and greed have combined to become his belly and god. The ones who leave leprosy to attack eczema. Wonder who wouldn’t become a yesterday’s person afterall, whether in politics or in life itself. I await what Dr. Abati will say at the expiration of the post the ‘TODAY’S MAN’ that he is occupies.

  4. olawalemidas says:

    On point! Very good response. He probably meant all he wrote ‘ironically’. Rubbish! ‘Abati the Apati’.

  5. idris mohd says:

    i did not see what the yesterday’s men did when they were in power, privatization , zero. electricity zero, there was a lot of corruption despite the presence of efcc. so leave Jonathan alone.

  6. JohnLiv says:

    Abati has made all effort to answer your questions in his article but unfortunately it appears you did not understand it. Of the eleven items you have in your reply, I can identify with you only on the third point, the rest to me makes no sense as I vouch to argue that with you to any lenght. You tend to remove Elrufai’s name from the list of those Abati replied without clearifying the issue he raised about him. Why?

  7. twinstaiye says:

    You are an attention seeker. And for what it is worth, your piece does that much. Think about it, should you be someone well known, it will also give me some attention to write a rejoinder on your piece. There are Nigerians like us that can read between the lines, we dont need to be fed with facts and lies to know where to pitch our tent. Dr. Abati had said his own piece, he sure hit some nail on the head prompting your lots holding brief for those Dr. Abati is addressing in his piece. All in all, some of us do know what all this is all about, fighting for your selfish interests, and not, surely not on the side of Nigerians, for your story will change when and if you are in corridor of power tomorrow too.

  8. Nasir Abdulkadir says:

    Nigeria,the midget of Africa… Once upon a time she was the giant,but not anymore. Our Rulers have failed us,but then God will help us to save her from disintegrating…


  10. Peter-- (A youth that once believed in the project called NIGERIA) says:

    @tosyn, I am finding it difficult to understand why a smart youth like your self will be in defense of a man like Elrufai. Although I am not in support of Jonathan’s Govt ,as they have not done anything different from the men and women of yesterday. In the last 40yrs, Nigeria had only known “one bad Govt after another” The men and women of “yesterday” and “today” are the same thing. They have all looted our common wealth with impunity. As for Abati, I remember during the era of the yesterday men and women, he would appear in the “Pattito and gang” show- to criticize every single Govt policy. Today I expect him to accept criticism just as the men and women of yesterday accepted his. These men and women of yesterday and today all have everything in common–> Looting, lying, killing, and oppressing. The only difference is in their names.

  11. Alabi Babatunde says:

    it is good to say than to act. Being in passenger seat to criticise the driver is easier to do. I believe if you hold the power you will do the same or worst.

  12. Austin Uba says:

    Thank you for this lovely piece!
    The biggest challenge of time is that you could be living in one and be completely oblivious of your disparity with the others. Gradually, the revolution that once beckoned now more than ever, stands inevitable.
    Take note ‘Today’s men’, Nigeria must be for all Nigerians.


    Another angry Nigerian youth.

  13. Washdetector says:

    Shameless today’s men. One day this very gun powder we are all sitting will explode.

  14. @jadeiz says:

    None are more enslaved as those who errorneously think they are free!

  15. kenny1 says:

    Elrufai is not a man of integrity. Oby may be.Abati is telling partial and selective truth, oby, Elrufai etc are telling partial and selective truths. They are fighting for sympathy of the masses. I believe this author(naijarevolts) rather than want a better Nigeria is only taking sides and insincere.

  16. andy dufrense says:

    Wonderful write up, let those that live in the rock know that the rock won’t be able to save them, once d revolution starts, cos its starting NOW! Nd it will consume TODAYS MEN and YESTER YEARS MEN as well.

  17. Aham says:

    and now you take the moral high claiming ezekwesili and el rufai to be people of integrity when they have accusations of corruption and ill-gotten wealth hanging over their heads. you do not believe the ribadu report should be rubbished even when the man himself concedes that there are unverified information in the report. your reply is nothing better than trash.

  18. Kevin says:

    How did I manage to read through this garbage is beyond me. Just wasted my precious time. I don’t agree with Abati neither do I agree with this rubbish you just put out for peeps to read. Get your facts right before u write sir. i.e, u rather Dana remain grounded? Where in the world is that done? U are a fool

  19. Ahmad says:

    And a bigger hypocrate is, who LIED of not having SHOES and refused to go home after giving so many pairs to wear.

  20. camo says:

    Tosyn, even though I believe GEJ and Abati are both sleeping, I rather have them than tribalistic, bigoistic elrufai. He can make noise all he want no sane southerner will ever elect him. Why? Cos all he did as FCT minister was grab land from d southerners and resell the same land to his brothers! God will judge him. On twitter as a critic I tot he would be able to withstand criticism but lo and behold if you criticize him, he would block you.*laughs* why? He is still a noisemaker nobody and he feels like dat about criticism, imagine when he becomes a leader and anyone critics him? I leave to ur imagination what his reaction will be- and that is hypocrisy. The inability of a critic to withstand criticism!

    • kenny1 says:

      Yes Elrufai and his likes cannot withstand criticism. Freedom of speech is sacred only if it is not directed against them. I will however blame GEJ that they have not faced music for their corruption while in office; that’s why they still have ambition to rule us

  21. Abot J Kachim says:

    Hmm… Is it possible that you are hearing the drums of revolution because you are one of the people beating on the drum?!! Preach brother, preach!

  22. akinsola taofeek says:

    There seems to be a powerful cult which blindfold men @d corridors of power including their associates in Nigeria . I believe come 2015 GEJ &his allies will be facing the reality as a FAILURE.

  23. Isaacola AA says:

    Good one bro, shove it into d doc throat

  24. kenny1 says:

    Where is my earlier post did you remove it?

  25. gaddafee says:

    Sometimes when I feel hating my country, somethings just pop out and saya we still have hope as a state because interllect like you still exist, thank you for writing on behalf of yesterday’s men.

    Your’s faithfully fellow citizen
    Gaddafee Ahmed

  26. gaddafee says:

    Rueben abati I don’t know why you always forgot about what real writers saya about you like Sam Nda dat you are missing something in knowledge which unfortunately, you didn’t acquire at home and is hard to acquire in somewhere else. Go back to your coloums before you write any piece of note because any you write your images keep tanishing, lastly even where you come doest not appreciate your existance talkless other part of the nation.
    Gaddafee Ahmed

  27. Terry says:

    Abeg me I’m a today’s man………*******whistling********

  28. GODWIN says:

    Good talk, but not the whole truth. Many sees this regim as a calous and directionless bunch. My problem is how we forget so easily, very soon, we will be on the street to campaign for them; we will change our slogan from FRESH AIR to God knows what. Please tell as many as are sincere to always read between the line, analyse before concluding; don’t always take things on the surface. I remember a colleague called me an enemy of progress bcos I said Jonathan has nothing to offer. well lets continue to pray

  29. SammyDee says:

    Great piece. JEHU revolution is already here. Its a time bomb ticking fast and none of TODAYs men ll escape including Prayer contractors & prophets of baal dis year.

  30. Danarewa says:

    Reuben Abati, remenber that sooner or later, you too and your masters will became “Yesterday’s Men” So take note, we will start to monitor your writing then!

  31. Rt.Hon.Akhabue says:

    The writer has said it all, but as a rejoinder, the current cabinet have untouchables, despite d clear cases of corruption dat run into billions of dollars against dem, d president seems impotent all for 2015 sake….. 2015! Nigerian youths awake! Just as the French Revolution and the Arab Uprising started…. We may have our share of it!

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